How Long Does it Take For Eyebrows to Grow Back?

by admin on July 8, 2008

It takes between 4 to 6 weeks for eyebrows to grow back. If you have plucked them a lot, eventually, the hair follicle will be too damaged to grow hair anymore. I have been waxing mine for years, and the follicles still have not died, so the time of death varies from person to person. I have read about people whose follicles stopped growing hair after a few years. I wish!

There is a product on the market called Talika Lipocils that are made to assist in the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. I have about people that have had positive experiences with this product. It contains soy lecithin, witch hazel and Allanton. The soy lecithin is the “active ingredient” that makes your lashed grow a little longer after 28 days. Soy lecithin is a phospholipid found in soy beans and is used in many different foods as an emulsifier to keep ingredients from separating.

Bottom line, if at a party, having imbibed with overzealous, hair removalphile friends, a one time transgression is unlikely to result in permanent eyebrow baldness.

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