What is the Biggest Airplane in the World?

by admin on June 26, 2008

The biggest airplane in the world is the An-225, constructed in the Ukraine in 1988.It was designed as a cargo ship to carry the Russian Buran Space Shuttle. There were only 2 of its kind built and they are still available to carry oversize cargo and chartered by Air Foyle. This classification is based on the FAI definition of the biggest plane; by takeoff weight. This baby weighs 508,000 kilograms!

The biggest airplane by wingspan was Howard Hugh’s H-4 Hercules; a.k.a the Spruce Goose. This airplane, that only flew once, holds the record for biggest wingspan at 97.5 meters, the tallest plane at 24.2 meters and the biggest plane constructed out of wood! Sadly, the Spruce Goose sits in Oregon’s   Evergreen Aviation Museum as a reminder of Howard Hugh’s sad legacy.

In terms of passenger capacity, the Boeing 747-400 carries around 400 passengers, but will soon be outpaced by the Airbus 380 which will carry 550 passengers due to its double decker design that has 10 seats across on level one and 8 seats across on level two.

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