What is the Biggest Continent in the World?

by admin on June 26, 2008

The biggest continent in the world is Asia at 44.3 million square kilometers. Although connected by land, Europe is considered to be a separate continent at 10.3 million square kilometers. The 7 continents ranking in order from biggest to smallest are as follows (in million square kilometers):

Asia – 44.3. Asia’s biggest country (in area) is Russia.

Africa – 30.2. Africa’s biggest country is Sudan.

North America – 24.2. North America’s biggest country is Canada.

South America – 17.8. South America’s biggest country is Brazil.

Antarctica – 14.2. Antarctica is not a country, nor is it “owned” by any nation in the world. The Antarctica Treaty, signed in 1959 by 12 nations abides by the following general principles; scientific research and environmental protection.

Europe – 10.3. Europe’s biggest country is France. Actually, this is a more complicated question. Check out What is Europe’s biggest country as a separate article.

Australia – 8.5. Australia’s biggest country, is well, Australia! Check out what is the smallest country in the world as a separate article.

Oceania is not considered a continent, but over 15 million people live in various islands in the Pacific Ocean. Regions in Oceania (with one of the countries in that region included as an example) include Melanesia (Fiji), Micronesia (Palau), Polynesia (Samoa), and Australasia (New Zealand).

Want to know what is the smallest continent in the world?

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