What is the Biggest Dinosaur in the World?

by admin on June 26, 2008

The biggest dinosaur in the world was thought to be the Seismosaurus, a Sauropod that reached up to 45 meters long! There are however, a number of contenders for this title: the Titanosaur (Argentinasaur) in the same family was 44 meters long and the Supersaurus in the same family was 40 meters long. Details are sketchy for the Seismosaurus because no complete skeletons have been found and some of the bones originally attributed to it actually came from another dinosaur.

The Supersaurus on the other hand has more credibility in terms of size as more of its bones have been unearthed. In addition, another skeleton is currently being excavated in Wyoming that has even more intact bones. The Supersaurus is said to be related to the Apatosaurus rather than the Diplodocus. The Supersaurus reached up o 33 or 34 meters long and weighed between 32 to 36 tonnes and is from the late Jurassic stage.

We never know what will turn up in the future, and there may be bigger species discovered in the future. Want to know what is the smallest dinosaur?

Want to know what is the smallest dinosaur in the world?

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