What is the Biggest Waterfall in the World?

by admin on July 3, 2008

The biggest waterfall in the world defined by height is Angel Falls in Venuzuala at 979 meters tall. Much of the falls are transformed into mist by prevailing winds before reaching the water below. Angel Falls is in a remote part of the Venezuelan rainforest and is difficult to reach by foot, but lots of flightseeing tours are available in package deals when visiting this area of the world.

Angel Falls are named for their “discoveror” James Crawford Angel, an American who was actually looking for ore in 1933. He returned in 1937 with his plane, but was unable to land and him and his party had to make an 11 day hike back to civilization; and thus, the falls were named after him. I mark discoveror with quotes because I am sure that the indiginous population were well aware of Angel Falls before any Americans or Europeans laid eyes on it. I look at James Crawford Angel’s discovery as Angel Falls’ debutante ball; their grand introduction to North America.

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