What is the Smallest Country in the World?

by admin on June 25, 2008

The smallest country in the World is the Vatican City at just over half a square kilometer. It was granted sovereignty by the Lateran Treaty in 1929. Technically, it isn’t referred to as a country; but as an independent state. It has almost 800 residents, most of whom are not permanent. The Vatican City is located within the city of Rome, Italy. Interestingly, the Vatican City has properties outside its borders, located within the city of Rome that are treated like foreign embassies and contain offices for workers of the Holy See; it takes a lot of manpower to run the Catholic empire! The Vatican City includes St. Peter’s Square and Basilica, the Apostolic Palace, the Vatican Museums (which contain the Sistine Chapel) and various other administrative buildings. The city is bordered on 3 sides by walls that have been there for hundreds of years. Only the front entrance to St. Peter’s Square doesn’t have a wall and is freely accessed by Via Della Conciliazione.

The next smallest country in the world is Monaco at 1.8 square kilometers. Located near Nice in the south, it is completely enclosed by France and is very densely populated at almost 33,000 souls; who obviously don’t have a great need for personal space!

Are you wondering what is the biggest country in the world?

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